This freestanding 6,000 square foot single-family house in  Midwood, Brooklyn uses a partially existing house foundation and fully maximizes the zoning envelope to allow for two full stories and a habitable attic. The design emerges from the clients' desire to have driveway space at the front of their alley to open their car door off-street. This led to the chamfering of the front facade and a geometry that captures this chamfer from the inside: the design of a series of fanning louvers along the circumference of a circle. The louvers also provide a needed brise soleil for the south window wall for natural cooling and regulation of light. An over-sized window at the second floor master bedroom gives clerestory light and plays with the scale of the whole.


Year Completed



Brooklyn New York


Private Client


Amanda Schachter, Alexander Levi; 

Dugan Lunday, Arianna Deane