Harvest Dome 3.0

Harvest Dome 3.0 celebrates the riparian heritage of Grand Rapids with a floating dome of local materials harvested from Grand River industry. A 20-foot-diameter orb, constructed from brightly colored surplus seat-belts and studded with rearview mirrors, set atop a ring of 128 repurposed two-liter soda bottles, the buoyant dome is an ingathering of the city’s legacy of manufacturing. While the river's energy propelled Grand Rapids to become a center for logging, furniture fabrication, and automotive industries, the possibility of the river also engendered changes to landscape ecology, leading to flooding and contamination. The transcendent abstract form of Harvest Dome 3.0 emerges from a flotsam of accumulated materials, its bright blue seatbelt lines and sky-and-water-reflecting rearview mirrors shimmering like a bubble coming up from the surging rapids, transfiguring the river's power and possibility.


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Year Completed:







Amanda Schachter & Alexander Levi; 

Julia Beros, Anna Rose Canzano, Doug DeLange,  Emily Rose Mayo, Tuyen Nguyen, and Brandon Alman

Photos by  GRFD, Scott Rasmussen, Steven Frykholm  and

SLO  Architecture