We are working with the Huntington Free Library to provide accessibility and improvements to their historical structure and property.  A gossamer cable wall will flank a  restored alleyway walk holding forty 6-inch resin balls along its trajectory. Inside each ball is a miniature 3D printed model of an historical Bronx building, highlighting the history of Bronx architecture and disseminating its legacy for the future. A Gazebo and outdoor Stage play off the forms of the library and provide space for outdoor activity. 


Established in 1892 by railroad magnate Collis P. Huntington for the then Town of Westchester, the Huntington Free Library was created ""to provide a place where all persons without distinction of race or creed may assemble for the purpose of reading, study, education and self improvement.


Bronx, NY


Year Completed:

2016 (Concept Design Phase); IN PROCESS



Huntington Free Library


Amanda Schachter, Alexander Levi;  Sharif Anous